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people from the low-income, many of them seniors and most of them attendants. we have tic. as we all know, tic concerns a lot of people who are property owners. they are not renters. so, i don't think the legislation in any way displace anybody, particularly in my case because i work with this group for almost 40 years. so, i'm asking that we allow the condo bypass to happen and change the current law [speaker not understood] because ultimately it will be a win/win situation for all. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. and i have one more card, ethan davidson. go ahead. hi, my name is josephine [speaker not understood]. i would like to ask supervisors to approve this legislation to the full board and allow the condo bypass to happen to help the people who are in tic
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ownership right now to avoid foreclosure fate and to help them to continue to stay in the city to be middle class. and don't change the current lottery system. any significant change to the current lottery system will be unfair to the tic owner who bought their unit buildings with the reasonable assumption that it would be able to convert to condominiums in a reasonable amount of time. in a 200-year condo cap is not too many. [speaker not understood] about 50, 60 units of buildings -- 50 or 0 buildings. ~ 60 that is very little. and also this bill is good for everyone involved, even including the renters who have their own mind knowing what this bill is about to protect the seniors and the families with lifetime [speaker not understood]. i wish you would continue to support this bill and thank
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you. >> thank you. before we get to the next speaker, for those in the overflow room, i just want to note that we do have some open seats now in the hearing room. and we are proceeding with public comment. if you are going to testify today as opposed to waiting until april 15th. next speaker. ladies and gentlemen, i support the tic conversion. i think lots of the tenants maybe misunderstood because nobody explain to them the tic conversion will not displace or will not replace or expel any existing tenant. the existing tenant will stay and then this new law will give the tenant maybe a lifetime warranty to live in as long as they live. and that is good, good for the tenant, good for the landlord. i don't why any people say something about that. and this society fair -- should
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be fair to the landlord and fair to the tenant. we both need the tic conversion like it is and thanks a lot. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment? ms. miller, do we know if there is anyone in the overflow room? okay, we're going to check with the overflow room to make sure to see whether there is anyone down there who would like to come up to make public comment.
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okay, we'll just give them another minute. for the benefit of those watching tv, we are just checking to see if there is anyone in the overflow room who would like to make public comment. so, we're just going to wait another minute or two to figure that out. [pause]
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>> okay, it looks like we do not have anyone in the overflow room. so, public comment is closed. [gavel] >> colleague, can we continue this item to april 15th? >> make that motion. >> supervisor kim? without objection, that will be the order. [gavel] >> madam clerk, is there any other byness before the committee? >> no, there are no further matters. >> we are adjourned. [gavel]
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